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Plan early and reserve a campsite.
Don't show up on a weekend and expect to obtain a campsite in a popular campground. Try to reserve a campsite in advance. If the campground is a first come first serve, make certain you get there early enough in the weekend to grab a site. For some campgrounds, this might mean arriving on Thursday evening, setting up your tent and returning on the weekend to camp.

Please don't cut down any trees for firewood!
Never cut down any trees or damage the landscape in any way, especially within the jurisdiction of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Many people find out the hard way with a big ticket from a park Ranger for destroying the natural landscape. I find it's best to bring your own firewood for a camping trip. I realize not everyone is fortunate enough to have a pick-up truck or a large vehicle to transport wood, and for that reason many state-run campgrounds sell firewood at the ranger station.

Watch out for those Rangers!
Don't think just because you're in the middle of nowhere you can get away with anything. The State and Federal Rangers that patrol the parks and forests have seen everything and know what you're up to. If you think you're going to drop a fishing line in the water without a license, and not get caught, you better think again. So many times I've watched people walk down to the River with a fishing pole in one hand and a beer in the other and get caught before they even get the chance to drop the line in the water. Rangers sit out in their patrol boats (looks just like two guys fishing) and watch everyone with binoculars waiting for someone to break the law. Believe me, it doesn't take them long to make a capture. The same goes for drinking alcohol beverages on state or federally controlled land. You may think it's a joke when you look into the recycling bins at a campground and see them full to the top with beer cans. Get caught with alcohol and you will be singing the blues. Not only will you get a ticket, you will get kicked out of the park and many times this gives the Rangers an opportunity to dig a little deeper into your personal stuff. I've seen people getting caught with a beer and then getting arrested because the Ranger found something else illegal in their possession.

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