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Fishing for Carp on the Delaware River


Carp fishing happens to be my favorite shoreline fishing sport because of the size and power of this elusive creature. Bottom fishing the muddy areas with dough balls, corn, and worms takes some skill and patience but is well worth the time. Carp are light hitters and will spit out the bait if any resistance is felt. I leave the bailer open and hand feed the line until I am certain the fish has taken the bait. Then, all hell breaks lose when it's time to attempt to bring him in. Numerous times I've been spooled by large fish and have fought some for twenty minutes only to have the line break on some log or sharp rock. I have fought some so big, my arms hurt for a week afterwards...and never got close enough to see the fish! Many will frown at the thought of fishing for Carp but the real river fisherman have a lot of respect for this mighty creature.

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