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The Delaware River Water Gap

Delaware Water Gap is a deep, narrow gorge cut by the Delaware River in the Kittatinny Mountains, sixty-five miles west of New York City. This gorge was worn through the solid rock of the mountains hundreds of years ago when the Delaware River was slowly forcing its way to the sea. The gorge is three miles long, with steep, rocky walls which rise as high as 1,400 feet on each side. Mount Tammany is located on the New Jersey side of the gorge and Mount Minis on the Pennsylvania side. The beautiful scenery around Delaware Water Gap makes it a popular summer resort.

Delaware Water Gap

This 1945 black and white photo was shot from the Pennsylvania side looking down at the future site of the Interstate 80 bridge. At the base of the photo is where the bridge stands today. Those familiar with this area should take notice on how low the river level is at the time of this photo.

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