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Fishing for Delaware River Herring


Herring are an ocean fish that migrate up the Delaware in early May to spawn. I'm not really sure how far up the Delaware they migrate but I believe it is around Easton Pa. They are fun to catch and the only thing you need is some small shiny spinners or hooks. Similar to the way you fish for Shad but on a smaller scale. Perhaps the best think about herring is that the Strippers follow them up the river and feed off them.

Herring is the common name for several fish species characterized by a single short dorsal fin in the middle of the upper margin of the body and by an anal fin similarly located below. The head is scaleless, and the slender body is covered with thin, cycloid scales in which rings of organic material, rich in guanine, are laid down each season. By counting these rings scientists can determine the age of the fish, which may live up to 20 years.

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