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Getting lost in the woods

All of us who wander into unfamiliar, backwood areas put ourselves at risk of getting lost. Getting lost can be frustrating, exhausting, and if runs into the night, scary; especially those who are alone. Being prepared for the worst can help us to find our way back or survive the night if we are stuck in a remote area.

There are several items needed on every hiking trip. Even if you only plan a short trip, these items will ensure your basic survival needs. A small fanny pack or backpack should be used to carry these necessary items.

  • Food: A handful of power bars could go a long way if lost in the woods. If you don't use them, they will be good for the next trip.
  • Water: I can't imagine anyone wandering into the woods without a canteen or a bottle of spring water. The last thing you want to do is fight thirst when you're lost.
  • Pain Reliever: A small bottle of Aspirin or Tylenol could be worth its weight in gold if you get injured or get a headache.
  • Cell Phone: Having a phone in the woods to call for help might be your best chance of not having to spend the night in the cold.
  • Emergency Blanket: These are small enough to fit into your pocket and look like folded up aluminum foil. But when stuck in the outdoors overnight, an emergency blanket helps us to keep you warm and could be a life-saver.

This list is not exhaustive. We have only mentioned a few basic items here.

If we do manage to get ourselves lost in the woods, we should remember to keep our head and not panic. Getting frightened burns a lot of calories and usually leads to bad decisions. Keeping our cool should help us to get back safely.

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