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Wilderness Trip Planing

  • Use appropriate equipment, choose light and compact gear and only bring necessities.
  • Plan your food menu in advanced and only bring what you need. Choose the correct foods that store well and are light and compact.
  • Know the area you’re planning to visit: study maps before departing and know in advance your emergency plans. Bring a cell phone and know where to find help if needed. Buy a GPS unit and know how to use it.
  • Physically prepare for your trip by getting into shape ahead of time. Take long walks to condition your body prior to taking a wilderness trip.
  • Take courses in wilderness survival and first aid. A great site on this topic is Wilderness Survival
  • Tell someone where you are going, when you expect to return, and where to call if you don't.

Equipment Checklist

Weather Protection
tent sleeping bag ground pad
rain gear toque gloves
water shoes sunscreen mosquito repellant

Cooking & Eating
plate & cup utensils cooking pots
waterproof matches stove & fuel folding pruning saw
dish cloth & towel biodegradable soap fire box
collapsable water container canvas bag tupperware shaker
can opener paper towels

compass maps & case sponge
route descriptions binoculars glasses straps
flash light first aid kit cell phone

towel sewing kit knee pads
water bottle toilet paper camp shoes

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